The Fox and the Crane

“The Fox and The Crane” is an iPad application created by Province design studio together with Mumu Interactive, who developed the software part. This is a contemporary interpretation of the Russian folk tale, which tells about a fox and a crane and their idle attempt to become friends.

As a part of the large team there were two illustrators: Natalya Rabinovich and I, Olya Lisichnikova. We focused on the details of every scene and produced high-quality illustrations. I want to show you how I worked on my part of the project... As it was in the proces.

My main task was to draw characters and all the details for their animation.

Legs, wings, paws, tails... Some pictures were very strange :)

There were also many details for mini-games.

As a result, for better communication with the developers, I created small flash-records with animation sketches. The process was incredibly exciting, it's very pleasant to work in a team of professionals. And now I can't believe that such a great project was completed.