BAYKI BABAYKI were created in the moment of the game for the game with children. This is a set of figures of animals from plywood for the shadow play and other creativity. It's very good to compose all sorts of different tales with it.

"Bayki Babayki" in translation from the tall tale language is "Grandfather's Tale."

Psychologists for a good childhood sleep advise children to tell tales in their own ways. Adults can tell the stories together with the children. Of course, no fixtures are required for this.


Somehow we were composing a fairy tale, and suddenly the idea came to us to compose not a fairy tale, but a shadow theater. Children painted characters: a hedgehog and a terribly formidable owl. We helped them cut it out and stick with tape on pencils. The story was born on a regular wall using a flashlight from a telephone. The process was very exciting and inspiring. Later we made many other heroes, though the cardboard was not the most durable material and not a single figure was left.


So the idea was born to make a ready-made kit for playing with shadows and fairy-tale self-therapy — grandmother tales.


The first option was cardboard. Cardboard was sincere and cheap, but the children broke it at one point, and the smallest of them even managed to eat part of the wolf. The second was from cedar. Beauty. The smell of wood, warm texture... But very fragile. We had to make a removable stick-holder. But even during transportation, animals lost parts. And as the fairy tale affects, the third time we tried plywood. Plywood was tested by children and was recognized as the most suitable material.


BAYKI BABYBIKI is a way to add special effects to the story and stir up the imagination.



Why compose?


When you compose with a child, you create magic, many famous stories were born that way;


You can help your child find a way out of difficult life situations;


A fairy tale can reveal secrets to you;


This game liberates the imagination and trains creativity;


That it’s fun.



How to compose?


The main rule is that there are no rules other than those suggested by your heart.

The hardest part is to get started. But you can always say: "Once upon a time ..." and now, the tale has begun.


Express patience, know how to wait.


Release your critical thinking to rest. It is not necessary to specifically explain in the fairy tale that the frog is smaller than a bear and not vice versa.


Let the facts remain outside the door.


Remember, your goal is to have a good time together. If you want to talk about your experiences, let the kid speak out firs.


Generally, there is a hero and an antihero, but this is not necessary. A puppy walked, walked and grew.